Prayers for Mary

Prayers for Mary

5 out of 7 days
She was there
Sitting, wiggling about
Working in her chair
A total pro
Selling her web
Killing the numbers
A diner burger and coffee
Never neglected
On her lunch hour
I know nothing she said
Now, I have nothing
Only best wishes 
For Mary
She pops in my head
Here and there
Hearing the things 
She would say
The scratching of scratch-offs
Cigarette walks with the dogs
—Hers was called Trouble
Oh, I used to have fun
I know all about fun
So, she covered for me 

While I napped on a leather couch
Lucky winners we were to know her
Now, there is nothing?
I hear she is not all there
When she was always there
I do know one thing thing:
I have so many prayers
For Mary



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