Aisle 11

Aisle 11

Glass shatters
A child shouts, OOPS
No-one else around to do it
I must go assess the mess
Lucky me!

A boy and his mother
and a jar of tomato sauce—
splattered across Aisle 11

How can I be mad
at this adorable child?
It was only an accident!
You can tell by his face

In fact, I remember a time
when I was a little boy
and I broke a jar of sauce
I thought I would never recover
until I looked up at and saw
my Grandmother—
she and I were shopping
Her eyes were wide open
But she smiled

Alone in his mess.
Alone in my mess.
A mother smiles.
A grandmother smiled.

Shaking my head—
I smile—
We both live on Isle 11
Not strangers.

11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11


Aisle 10

Aisle 10

Down Aisle 10 she heads

Never had she any issue
being pulled toward the
heart’s worst enemy

She looks over to the right: 
The Imposter is on the cover!
Of course shining in front
of all the magazines

What an inspiration!
Such a lady to adore!
She really is a warrior!
No disaster could swallow her!

Until Truth revealed  
the cracks
it was all a show 

Our girl exhales 
and leaves The Face behind

Neither the first time—
Nor the last time—
she would face the loss
of her inspiration

Pushing her cart 
without a hero
she goes back

to Isle 10



Aisle 4

Aisle 4

Something very naughty is
happening amongst the sweets
Check out the shady lady, searching
for a special secret down Aisle 4

A container of chocolate chip cookies
is hidden, stealthily beneath the sheets
Paper plates, light bulbs, and everything
is only there, so nobody will see

The husband is a diabetic
But, she will always love her sugar!
She puts away the groceries and
locks herself behind a door
The pantry is her portal
to heaven on Isle 4