A New Year’s Dream


2016. At this point, all I can do is dream. I want nothing but the best for all of my friends and family.

The past couple years have been tumultuous and the end of this year was definitely no exception. I picked up and moved from a place where I have always loved spending New Year’s Eve. So many faces have popped up that I wish I could run down a street or avenue to see with a bottle of bubbly.

Instead, I am with my family and southern friends. Memories of banging pots and pans at midnight and making resolutions come to mind. And, of course, we do have a party in the works.

To be torn between two locations or groups of people or anything can be rough on the heart. And trying to make the most and breathe and smile and feel the sun on one’s face can be tricky. But I believe it can be done and it is worth it. Life is to be made.

For the new year, I so hope for peace and joy and hard work that pays off for my loved ones and myself. I hope for food and drinks and smiles and laughs and everything fulfilling and for us all to get to have these together. When we cannot be together, I hope for good wifi for skype.

2016, BRING IT. And IT had better be great.



A Favorite Day


Through the Downpour

Sun on our wet skin

Running through the bliss

Hiding behind a waterfall

Wishing we could kiss.

When I think of all my favorites

Of days, it might be this:

Searching, through the downpour,

For a shape I’ll always miss.

*Inspired by the following link sent to me from Elizabeth Daggar:

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-Today’s homework assignment: In one hundred and fifty words or less, describe one of the happiest days of your life.

Tenderness at Walmart


Today, I had a sentimental moment in front of Walmart. My dad and I were doing some last-minute Christmas shopping. I needed to run in quickly to grab some glass bottle pendants for gifts that I am making for a few of my friends. My dad opted to wait in the truck.

Before shutting the door, my dad said to call him after I checked out. So, I ran in and did my shopping. I walked past the aisle I needed to be in three times, but I did get to where I needed to be. I purchased my items and then called my dad.

When I was outside in the rain, waiting for my dad to pull up in his truck, I remembered something that made me very sad:

When I was in middle school and early high school, my dad would occasionally pick me up after school. He had this beat-up, ugly black truck that smelled of hard labor. When I would see that truck in the distance, I would run so that I could catch him before he got close to the school­­; I was mortified when that truck would appear. I would wonder why he didn’t take my mom’s car or why she didn’t just come.

Today, he pulled up in a very nice truck. He works in a much more stylish way these days. However, I wouldn’t have cared what he pulled up in. I started thinking about how much people change when they get (*I’m going to use this next word even though I hate to use it) older. It felt good just knowing I had someone to pick me up. It is so easy to feel alone in this chaotic world and I have the best parents a guy could ask for. Also, you begin to realize that people in your life will not always be around and/or able to pick your butt up from school or wherever you may be. We rode off with a small tear in the corner of my eye.

It’s almost Christmas and, like appreciating any old truck that pulls up as long as the driver is someone I love, friends and family are all the presents I need these days. Amex can’t buy a new bestie, sibling, or parent.