Bad Friend

Bad Friend

Words and acknowledgement 
Only after I provided them first
When I needed you most
You never asked,
Is there anything I can do?
I guess I was blind and never knew
A person I considered to be so true could be
A bad friend

Chasing after a cunning delusion 
Years have gone by without
A whistle blown
The whistle is blowing now—
I am calling you out 
I think all these years I really had
A bad friend

When you left, you always left me
Feeling strange and guilty
As if I failed my call of duty
Loving me back never seemed easy
Now I finally see—
It was you
It was not me

Behind the ingenuous mask lies
A bad friend

A decision has to be made
Do I keep you or let you go,
My dud of an amigo?
I wonder if there are any words
You could possibly say
To make me not want to sever ties
And just walk away today

Leaving behind
A bad friend



Prayers for Mary

Prayers for Mary

5 out of 7 days
She was there
Sitting, wiggling about
Working in her chair
A total pro
Selling her web
Killing the numbers
A diner burger and coffee
Never neglected
On her lunch hour
I know nothing she said
Now, I have nothing
Only best wishes 
For Mary
She pops in my head
Here and there
Hearing the things 
She would say
The scratching of scratch-offs
Cigarette walks with the dogs
—Hers was called Trouble
Oh, I used to have fun
I know all about fun
So, she covered for me 

While I napped on a leather couch
Lucky winners we were to know her
Now, there is nothing?
I hear she is not all there
When she was always there
I do know one thing thing:
I have so many prayers
For Mary


Fleurs pour mon ami

Crape Myrtle
Morning Dew on the Wandering Jew

I went around the yard today and took pictures of flowers for my sweet Alyssa. Today is her birthday. She is one of my friends who helped inspire me to start my blog, so I could not let the day pass without finding her some pretty things.

Love you,


Remembering a Friend

Church on Carroll and 6th in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Wind Picked You Up

I remember the days
When we abandoned our fear
The end always seemed
So very far from near

But the wind picked you up
Just as I turned away
(For only one moment!)
But the moment did stay

The leaves turned to brown,
We watched winter arrive,
Then the ground took them
“But you were alive!”

Church bells were ringing
As I walked today
Never forgetting words
We never did say