First Aid Kit


Work has been a bit chaotic lately and, sometimes, I just need something funny to happen to turn my frown upside down. One of my favorite emotions has always been laughter through tears.

Picture it: I was on the phone putting out yet another fire. I decided to multi-task, so that I had a small chance of leaving after my 11th hour of being on the clock (and my 3rd hour of being frustrated that I did not get to leave after hour 8). It was a loooong day.

I needed to grab two band-aids from our First Aid Kit which was inside a box on top of a large, metal shelf, in the back of our office. With the phone wedged between my face and my shoulder, gabbing away and trying to calm a frantic staff member, I stood on my tiptoes and reached up to grab it.

Next thing I know, I am knocked hard on the side of my head. I somehow caught the phone —Lord knows I wouldn’t dare to LITERALLY drop a phone call at work! I blinked a few times and told the lady to hold for a second and I placed the cordless phone on hold. Looking down, I see the First Aid Kit and all of its contents spread across the floor.

How ironic is it that the thing that caused me to have a welt on the side of my forehead is the office’s First Aid Kit? I went directly to the kitchen and grabbed a bag of frozen veggies and couldn’t help but just LOL. It would be the thing that is meant to mend our wounds that would almost knock me unconscious.

Laughter. It’s my ultimate weapon. Screw a First Aid Kit. I have my own kit secure inside of me. I decided to go home sans band-aids.


Wishing for One More Summer Day

I’ve been thinking a lot about the fact that summer is gone and I look down and see black boots instead of flip-flops on my sparkly, pedicured feet. Busy is an understatement of what my summer was; I only wish I could put my feet in the water one more time before the trees all turn non-green.

I wrote a little something in regards to this sentiment and I think I might just have to be in nature again and make up for lost time.

On the Beach

With suntans
And rainbows
And a unicorn-flowered beach

How could we
For even one second
Not hold it in our hands?

Your eyes said,
“Take a second, Love!
See all
there is to see.”

And then we sat
With suntans and rainbows
And a unicorn-flowered beach

Just there
For a moment
I swear I might’ve dreamed

That you and I —
Under a sparkle-filled sky —
Were side by side
On the beach

               Beach Feet          

New Blog, New Journey

After asking one of my besties, Liz, if I should start a blog, she said, “Yes, ABSOLUTELY!”

One day later, I am all set up with what feels like a new beginning. I have missed writing and creating. I was surprised to get the name ZACDAQ (as in “Zachary Daiquiri”—there are a couple bartenders in Brooklyn who know how to mix one just right) and subsequently changed my Instagram and Gmail names right away, out of excitement for short handles.

Not exactly sure where this road will lead, but I am happy to be on it.