Confessions of a Typo

Confessions of a Typo

Never possible to be perfect
To be perfectly honest

In fact, one might look to me
To see the epitome of
A bruised dream—
A word almost beautiful
If it had been written slowly, meticulously

Often, words on the run
Will run into trouble,
Whilst staying busy, so
Please forgive the glitch I can be:
Such a type o, oblivious me



Running to Nature

With the help of my awesome graphic designer in New York (electrofork), I decided to make a book of poetry and photography. I have received positive feedback from the friends and family I have given pre-ordered copies to and could not be more thrilled. I have always had a love of nature and hope the project evokes the childlike spirit I intended.

Click the link below to view and purchase a copy:

Running to Nature

Let’s not forget to get outside and make the most of each day!




The Boy Who Needed Magic


The Boy Who Needed Magic

From many lips, 
I’ve often heard,
About the boy who needed
Not the spells of fairy tales
But, something so very

The people around 
Told the boy
To stick with what 
Made sense
“Boys who seek the magic
Often grow up lonely men.”

The boy did try

To find his place
In the most sensible of things
But, nothing of the sort 
Made sense
Not to this boy, at least 

So, into the woods
The boy did run
Away, or so he believed
But, what he found
Among the leaves
He ran to, magically
The magic began to 
Build inside —
The circles ’round 
He danced —
Holding hands with Nature,
The boy had found his 
True romance

Some say that boy still 
Lives somewhere, maybe
Inside a grown-up man,
The boy who needed magic
Dances circles
Inside of him


Colorful Rides

The weather in Georgia has been pretty fantastic and I have been trying to go on as many bike rides as possible. I have noticed some pretty sights when looking up and down along these rides and can’t help but appreciate the beautiful colors of spring. Being outside has been so nice. The photos above were taken on the side of the road, when looking down, this past week. Looking forward to my next ride.