Happy Birthday, Liz!


I would just like to take a moment to wish a very Happy Birthday to one of my favorites in the whole world, Liz. I hope your day is just the best and I cannot wait to see that smile and go on adventures with you next month.





To Rise Above Conflict


For the Ride

Hand to my head
Hard to believe the words that were said:
Quantifying, analyzing, criticizing;

I held your hand
You pushed it away
Can the opinions and beliefs we carry
Really map out the way?

I was going to show you how love
Can be powerful, too
But, useless, it felt,
Judging by the response from you.

Then, a shift, a lean, a bend came along
Your side of the story soon came into view
Mine pulled up beside yours,
Four arms stretched and our differences withdrew.

Your head, in my lap, made me realize
The miles I would travel to be by your side
You’re a piece of the puzzle;
Still here. For the ride.

  • Listening to Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 14 in C Sharp Minor. Sometimes, life is not joyful and gets sad and the key turns minor. True friends hold all the keys.

Wandering in the Night

Moonlight in Duluth

Running with the Moon

Tonight, I ran beneath the moon —
A perfect workout partner, I must say.
Walked some, not only ran,
Streetlights glowing down the lane.
Amazed how far I was going, I remembered
Feeling the way I felt tonight.
Something familiar began to happen:
I was still breathing. I was alright.
From somewhere off, probably a mile away,
The smell of fire brought me back.
I raised my head up to the sky;
Stars were shining strong against the black.
A sudden smile ran across my face and I thought,
“Maybe I could get used to nights like these.”
Fall weather, a little running, a happy time,
And a gentle breeze.

Tiny Pumpkin Season

Devil Pumpkin

Tiny Squash
Every October, I look forward to going shopping for pumpkins — specifically, smaller ones. I think they are so adorable and I even decided to attach some devil ears to one of the ones I brought home tonight. Just a little Sunday crafting to report for now. I am trying to make the most of summer being over; tiny pumpkins do help.