An Avocado Tree Update


I wanted to share an update of the post I shared on 10/14/17 about the avocado tree I have been growing. After returning from my trip to NYC yesterday, I was pleasantly suprised to see that the tree has grown quite a bit. I suppose I had better start thinking of a name for the thriving beauty.





A Latte Moment

Latte at Café Martin; Brooklyn, NY 

Cigarette and Coffee

Just now,
I would like a cigarette and my coffee
You know, sometimes, it’s not two for tea
Alone, the sun is shining down on me
Whilst I soak up the caffeine

Lovely, in the interim,

Please do not speak to me
I just like a cigarette and my coffee



A Matinee of Hot Mess the Play

Yesterday’s Off-Broadway matinee of Hot Mess the Play at the The Theater Center was a true delight. I was eager to see Paul Molnar perform, and made it a date with myself while I’m in NYC. The plot, design, and acting by three mesmerizing actors —Lucy Devito and Max Crumm commanded the audience’s attention alongside Molnar— left me laughing and thinking long after I left the theatre. A show not to be missed for anybody traveling to NYC during the holiday season. 

Zac Gilbert

What I’m Missing

What I’m Missing

Have you seen what I’m missing;
Into the abyss, they have gone
Lighters, chargers, headphones—
The list could go on!
I hope they will find me
Or is that just wrong?
Possibly, they found a new home
With a person who doesn’t abandon
Have you found what I’m missing?
Please hear my sad song

*Dedicated to all the lost items.

Lunch and Tiny Art

FullSizeRender (5).jpg
Recently, I met up with my friend Sonia for lunch. I needed to bring her a couple copies of my book Wanders in Nature and I had requested a few of the small paintings she has been doing on miniature canvases. Despite having had a weird week, my spirit went up and my smile went from miniature to large when I opened the adorable pieces she set aside for me.

Life really is all about the little things, at times, and taking the time to appreciate the details in life. When we do, big things can happen, I believe. If nothing else, the practice helps me to laugh, smile, and feel more balanced. You know, to find the good stuff.

The photo I have included is of the two paintings I have left (the others were quickly dispersed and landed where they pleased in the world). I had to go shopping to find the little easels; it made my day when I found these. Again, all about the little things.