Night of Cynthia

IMG_5207 (1)

Night of Cynthia

She carries pain
In a designer handbag
Minds are left bound in a trap
I hated the hatred I felt one night
Deceived by superficial beauty
Beauty of Cynthia

She cuts through guts
To her, we’re hers
She dines on
Our vulnerable meat
What a surprise
Under porcelain skin hides
A foul and gluttonous sin

Sin of Cynthia

In a pricey restaurant
Red wine dripped down

Seductive, blood red lips
With the wipe of a napkin
She stood up in black heels
She flew off and she grew

Smaller and smaller
There was no trace left

Left of Cynthia

The curse of the witch

Left my trembling hands with a wish:
To stab evil with my dinner knife 
But, I’m not like her
She’ll sleep tight—she is free

To wake up and hunt prey so naive
Check paid, I went home
Trying to forget the night
Night of Cynthia  




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