By the Creek

By the Creek

Finished circling the drain
He released all his pain
To the ground he’d been seeking
To be horizontal
By the creek

The flowing of the water
Tickled his pointer finger
I am not a salamander
It’s no wonder
I’m not squirming
Gonna listen to the sound—
I was here and laughing
Running, flying by
Just like time

A strike of lightning
In a darkened sky
Sudden falling of rain
He found no need for rushing
At the moment
Regardless of weather
Here was the best place
He could ever be

A beetle scurried up
His bare foot—makeshift bridge
Sought the imminent safety
Of the bottom of a rock

Quite a scene to be seen
There spread out
Upon the ground

Soaking wet, simply loving
The reflections on the stream
Head rested upon his shoulder
He lay there
By the creek



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