Felt so great
To be alive
Dancing on tables
Reckless, but totally fine
Dreams that were planted
Grew strong in bright light
Confidently standing—
I was 25
Survival was pretty
Flowed just like water
Every little thing
Was going to be alright

If I could go back
And speak to me at 25
34 me would say:
Breathe it all in, man
Today is the day
Shake it and take it 
As much as you can
You can do anything
You’re only 25!
Just like I wanted
To say to 19 me—

When I was 25



By the Creek

By the Creek

Finished circling the drain
He released all his pain
To the ground he’d been seeking
To be horizontal
By the creek

The flowing of the water
Tickled his pointer finger
I am not a salamander
It’s no wonder
I’m not squirming
Gonna listen to the sound—
I was here and laughing
Running, flying by
Just like time

A strike of lightning
In a darkened sky
Sudden falling of rain
He found no need for rushing
At the moment
Regardless of weather
Here was the best place
He could ever be

A beetle scurried up
His bare foot—makeshift bridge
Sought the imminent safety
Of the bottom of a rock

Quite a scene to be seen
There spread out
Upon the ground

Soaking wet, simply loving
The reflections on the stream
Head rested upon his shoulder
He lay there
By the creek


A New Dream

A New Dream

So many dreams
Held so very tight
Headed to the future
Floating toward light
But one day,
He looked down
A bowl now empty
Wondering where to go
Thanking God
He still had feet
Hold still for the photo
Smile big—
They all said
Peeking around each corner
Listening to every sound
Tasting all the moments
Painfully waiting
For a new dream
To be found


All Caught Up in Amsterdam

To conclude my retrospect of the vacation Liz, Jon, and I undertook, here are some pieces of my Amsterdam experience. I quickly realized there are fewer photos from which to choose and gave it some thought. 

We spent the most time in Amsterdam! I was very surprised. But, the truth is, I really had the most fun there. Not only did we stay in our friends’ super posh apartment, but we were so busy laughing, biking, eating, and drinking most of the time. I planned on doing some writing and certainly on whipping out the ol’ camera way more than I did. 

But maybe, just maybe, when and where we are least likely to document our experiences is where the best moments live. Anyway, I am going to use that as my excuse for not having more photos. 

Below are a selection of our experience in Amsterdam— A place to truly be. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Amsterdam-Noord; A random shot taken on our bike ride. So very sexy.
A creature from Oosterpark who was totally determined to pose for the camera. Work it, buddy! 

A Sunny April in Berlin

To continue my sharing of our adventures in Europe earlier this month, I am sharing some of my photos from Berlin, Germany. Carrie and Leo, two of my amazing friends, and their baby live there. Carrie is a South Georgia native who moved there a few years after college. I have always been in awe of her decision.

Berlin is a great place to walk around and enjoy the sights. Liz, Jon, and I were told we brought the wonderful weather in our luggage. You could see the look of gratitude on the faces of the locals as the sun beamed down. 

RAW-Gelände, a former train repair yard. Now, a playground of art, bars, and culture
East Side Gallery
River Spree

The final photo is what I discovered when I looked over the railing at a beer garden called Café am Engelbecken regulars. I am a huge fan of turtles and I was very happy. As I said, the weather was marvelous. I actually recall having one of those moments where you just sorta tilt your head back and wish there were more moments in life like these.

More photos from our trip to come…