Sunday Night Thoughts

Without the darkness

Would we ever see light?
How can we love day
Without loving the night?
Good guys and bad guys—
The wrong versus right—
Visions only lucid
With linear eyesight


The air outside my office has been filled with the smell of Jasmine



All Caught Up in Amsterdam

To conclude my retrospect of the vacation Liz, Jon, and I undertook, here are some pieces of my Amsterdam experience. I quickly realized there are fewer photos from which to choose and gave it some thought. 

We spent the most time in Amsterdam! I was very surprised. But, the truth is, I really had the most fun there. Not only did we stay in our friends’ super posh apartment, but we were so busy laughing, biking, eating, and drinking most of the time. I planned on doing some writing and certainly on whipping out the ol’ camera way more than I did. 

But maybe, just maybe, when and where we are least likely to document our experiences is where the best moments live. Anyway, I am going to use that as my excuse for not having more photos. 

Below are a selection of our experience in Amsterdam— A place to truly be. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Amsterdam-Noord; A random shot taken on our bike ride. So very sexy.
A creature from Oosterpark who was totally determined to pose for the camera. Work it, buddy! 

A Sunny April in Berlin

To continue my sharing of our adventures in Europe earlier this month, I am sharing some of my photos from Berlin, Germany. Carrie and Leo, two of my amazing friends, and their baby live there. Carrie is a South Georgia native who moved there a few years after college. I have always been in awe of her decision.

Berlin is a great place to walk around and enjoy the sights. Liz, Jon, and I were told we brought the wonderful weather in our luggage. You could see the look of gratitude on the faces of the locals as the sun beamed down. 

RAW-Gelände, a former train repair yard. Now, a playground of art, bars, and culture
East Side Gallery
River Spree

The final photo is what I discovered when I looked over the railing at a beer garden called Café am Engelbecken regulars. I am a huge fan of turtles and I was very happy. As I said, the weather was marvelous. I actually recall having one of those moments where you just sorta tilt your head back and wish there were more moments in life like these.

More photos from our trip to come…


Paris in Spring

As promised, here are just a few of my photos I took during our trip to Paris. The past week has been one filled with such a desire to go back.

View of Porte Saint-Denis from our Air Bnb window in the 10th arrondissemont
The most wonderful view of Paris, from Sacré-Cœur, located in the neighborhood of Montmartre
View of the Seine River

More photos from the other cities to come…

Unpack the Joy

Unpack the Joy

Oh, boy, I just noticed
You forgot to pack joy
Beating heart
Left behind
For the trip of a life
Many complications
Underneath constellations
Never expecting
A message
Shot from a star
Oh, boy, turn around
Go grab your joy
The car will be ready
To drive you away
Massive surprise!
Join the party
Open your eyes
Look around and discover
Budding surroundings
Oh, boy, it is Time
To unpack the joy


Song of Traveling

Song of Traveling

An internal crying out
International borders
Fading out
Needing to fly away
Not knowing where to go
For sure, he does know
He made a wish today

A click of the mouse,
Found the key,
Scrolling through pages
Through many dreams
He’d never really seen
Oh, the possibilities

Sometimes the best
Valentine t
o find
Is a suitcase fully loaded
What you can’t wait to see,
Foot tapping imperatively,
Heart paired to the beat
Of a song of traveling

Sitting up—
The plane is landing—
Passengers begin the
Anxiety of standing,
Ready to be
Moving along

We’re really here.
Finally here.
In the clear.
We’ve reached
Our destination.

Sometimes the best
Valentine t
o find
Is a suitcase fully loaded
When you can’t wait to feel free,
Foot tapping imperatively,
Heart paired to the beat
Of a song of traveling

Leave the pieces of everyday
Behind, unwind, now
Pick a place and fly away
You’re worth the pennies
You have saved
We all deserve to enjoy
A holiday

Sometimes the best
Valentine t
o find
Is a suitcase fully loaded
Where you can’t wait to be,
Foot tapping imperatively,
Heart paired to the beat
Of a song of traveling


Nature’s Shower

Nature’s Shower

Drip. Drop.
I felt the rain
Fall down on me
Onto the earth
From my body
Feeling wild as can be
Dancing through mud
The wind slid over me

A perfectly timed force
Nature’s shower
I ran and I ran
Feeling a sense of power
A heavenly escape 
No longer captured
By walls of the day
Arms open, I followed

The dampness soaked
My clothing that evening
Through fabric, to skin
A wakening feeling
The leaving to the calling of trees
The sky called out,
Move along and you’ll see

Run, run, run 
Going about like a child
Spinning around
An orbit of a happy flower
With no one around 
To take the moment away
The time was just mine
I ran away and away