Mickey Mouse Watch


My dear friend Ashley is getting married next month. Earlier this morning, she asked me to please select a few of my favorite old photographs of the two of us and to send them to her for a project her future Mother-in-Law is working on. I came home from work and started digging through my old trunk.

I found so many great photos from the fun times my friends and I once shared. I texted a few of my friends a sample or two of what I was sorting through. A couple friends were probably a little taken aback and/or embarrassed of the random blasts from the past. But, maybe that was one of the reasons I held on to the photos! 

While sorting through the contents of a particular box, I stumbled upon an envelope labeled Friends and Family. I found many memories stored inside the envelope and a few were items I have been searching for for quite some time. 

One of the items for which I have searched far and wide is the Mickey Mouse watch pictured above. I became so excited when I discovered the black straps and silver edges of the face of the tiny, worn, piece. Immediately, I called my mother and apologized for accusing her of throwing the watch away.

The item is so special to me, mostly because I have a very clear memory of where I was and the person I was with when the watch was given to me: I was with my mother at a mall in Cincinnati, Ohio. At the time, I must have been in kindergarten or somewhere around that age.

While we were walking around, I saw the watch on display and said aloud how badly I needed to own it. My mother asked the clerk how much the watch would cost. 30 dollars was the answer.

At the time, I thought 30 bucks was an absurd amount of money and I felt certain my family could not afford such a price. The look on my mother’s face said she knew what I was thinking and and she said, “We’ll take it.” I felt a combination of utter guilt and unequivocal materialism mix inside my little body. I wore the watch all the time.

At times, I can imagine what it must feel like to be a hoarder. I have so many sentimental items and letters from friends and family I would be so devastated to lose. Looking through my old trunk, I selected an item or two a wise man would probably toss out. After securing these items back in their spots, I began to dig for another envelope. 




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