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Since returning from my trip to NYC, I have found myself feeling lethargic and aimless at times. Not necessarily depressed, but just in a bit of a funk. The feeling has somewhat subsided the past couple of days, but still has left its debris.

Perhaps, I have realized it will be quite a while before I see my friends in the city again. Again, we have to rely on Facetime, calls, texts, etc. to cope. As long as my trip felt, it is never truly long enough. I have even gone so far, in the past, as to stare at walls, attempting to slow down time during a vacation. But, it never truly works. Longing to go back to a vacation is like the hangover to a night of excessive drinking: An inevitable drawback.

Perhaps, I don’t have any immediate trips planned, to dangle in front of my face like a carrot, when the days get long and grueling. The past few days have had their tough parts. I have had to remind myself that I come from a family of very hard workers and sometimes we just have to roll up our sleeves. When it comes to needing a carrot of a trip planned, I do know in my heart that I will get back to my friends eventually and I’m sure I will have another adventure planned soon enough. I definitely found myself thinking about the beach on a few occasions today. Something to plan and dream about…

I have been thinking a lot lately about how important it is to try to be happy where ever we are. I don’t want my time being wasted on believing things will be awesome When…” and I want the replacement to be things will be awesome “Even when…” I can’t say that I’m there yet, but moments of being happy just where I am do emerge from time to time and these are the moments I cherish the most. More please.



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