Suitcases and Happy Faces


The weather in NYC has been lovely for midday wanders the past couple days. I have been going down old, familiar streets and seeing places I used to love to hang out and some I used to love to avoid. There is something so satisfying about knowing there is nowhere to go and no one to see for at least enough time to meander and gather thoughts, on an adventure of sorts. My plans for this evening were canceled and it allowed for extra time to go to Prospect Park with my friend Alyssa and her baby who I call “Girl” out of love. We had a great time and conversation and even realized we had managed to get a little exercise out of the deal.

When I got back to my friend’s apartment, I needed something out of my suitcase. So, I grabbed it and set it on her bed and started searching for what I needed. I found it. When I zipped around the outside of the shell and started to put it back against the wall, I started thinking.

My parents bought me the suitcase when I graduated either high school or college — I can’t remember which and it’s not pertinent here. But, I realized that I have gotten a lot of use out of the gift and I am very grateful. What a great gift to receive! Words cannot express how much I love to travel and I am already planning my next trip out of the country with friends. My passport and my suitcase are two of my favorite possessions because of what they represent.

Clearly, I am one who loves to be on an adventure and I just cannot imagine being any other way. I have certain people in my life who I wish traveled more often, but perhaps leaving home and staying local is a preference I just don’t happen to have in common with them. Which is ok! I am just happy that one of my loves in life rewards me with the capability of seeing so many friends and family members whose faces I wish I could see every day. These faces are definitely worth traveling to.

That being said, I have to run. I have a few faces I need to see tonight and hope will light up when they see mine, too. 

Here is a little something I jotted down on a napkin during my flight here:

Such a very long way 
Left to go
Places unseen,
Destination unknown
Continuing on a winding,
One-way road
Stopping only for coffee
In get there mode



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