Groen van Prinstererstraat 14, 1051 EG Amsterdam, Netherlands


In 2014, my friend Liz and I took a trip to Europe. One of our destinations was Amsterdam. During our adventure, we stayed with our friends Brandon and Wouter in their fabulous apartment. One evening, whilst drinking wine and conversing, Brandon brought up the details of a project of which he was still in the process of research and development.

Fast-forward to earlier this month

Liz, her brother Jon, and I decided to take the same trip. To our delight, this idea of Brandon’s was no longer just a dream. He was the business owner of Pendergast — the restaurant he opened in 2015! Of course, we reserved an evening (and a table) to enjoy an awesome meal and experience. And awesome it was.

We ended up with a belly full of barbecue and laughter as we soaked in the joy of the evening (and the sauce!). If ever you find yourself in Amsterdam, we highly recommend Pendergast as one of your stops.

Below are just a few of the photos of some of my favorite delights from the menu:

Rum Julep
The French Mistake
An array of deliciousness
One of their featured liquors, traditional of the Netherlands

More details of our trip to come…


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