Lunch and Tiny Art

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Recently, I met up with my friend Sonia for lunch. I needed to bring her a couple copies of my book Wanders in Nature and I had requested a few of the small paintings she has been doing on miniature canvases. Despite having had a weird week, my spirit went up and my smile went from miniature to large when I opened the adorable pieces she set aside for me.

Life really is all about the little things, at times, and taking the time to appreciate the details in life. When we do, big things can happen, I believe. If nothing else, the practice helps me to laugh, smile, and feel more balanced. You know, to find the good stuff.

The photo I have included is of the two paintings I have left (the others were quickly dispersed and landed where they pleased in the world). I had to go shopping to find the little easels; it made my day when I found these. Again, all about the little things.




2 thoughts on “Lunch and Tiny Art

  1. I’m THRILLED that you like the paintings 💖 It makes my heart happy to know that my tiny art has gone to a good home. Thank you again for your gift of your new book! I love it and so does my mom. Having a creative and caring soul like you as a friend is such a special gift. Love you!

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