Boys and the Blues

Boys and the Blues

2 brothers,
In the same room,
Were tying their shoes.
Their daddy, in the next room,
Started playing the blues.

The boys started listening
And began to choose.
Considered the path
Paved for them, ready for them.

Took into consideration their own moods.

Boy 1 headed to the closet,
Pulled out a pair of his
Favorite boots.

Boy 2 danced around barefoot,
Wondered how he could lose.

No one, nothing could come between
Boy 1 and Boy 2.
These boys knew how to look beyond
Music and shoes.
Brothers, they were. Quite the two.

Maybe it was fate,
Possibly some sort of shoe muse,
That changed the way those boys
Walked through space that day.

The day those boys heard the blues.

“Where are they headed? What are they after?”

Look down at your own shoes!
We’re all just boys, making decisions,
With a daddy, in the next room, 
Playing the blues.


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