Just Me and the Pets

A little friend I met on the porch today.
Last night’s sunset in Valdosta.
The reason I won’t be swimming this weekend. Thanks, storm!

Anyone who knows me probably knows that I do not turn down an opportunity to get away. However, I did turn down going on a lake trip with my family this weekend. They have sent me pictures and, from the looks of it, everyone is having a fantastic time. But, I needed some alone time to attempt to scratch a few things off the old To-Do List. 

Staying behind meant that I get to watch all the dogs and even a cat. I just love being home with the pets; I often get jealous when I am leaving for work and turn around, before closing the door, to see the dogs lounging and getting prepared for a nap. I decided long ago that I want to come back as a spoiled dog in my next life. 

I have so much left to do, but I have gotten a few things accomplished: I did some arts and crafts, have practiced the song I am singing in Ashley and Donn’s wedding next weekend, snuggled with the pets numerous times, and perfected a salad dressing I have been making from scratch. Thankfully, Labor Day is this Monday and I will have an extra day to make an effort to expand my list of accomplishments. I even started a puzzle!

Socializing is so much fun, but there is definitely a side of me that needs to be left alone for a minute or two. I haven’t been honoring that side of myself lately, but I am trying. My phone just buzzed — it’s probably another picture of my brothers with the most beautiful view behind them. Let’s see.



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