Getting Dirty


Just a thought. I believe working hard makes having fun so much better. There is a balance required in having a party lifestyle, in which I have spotted out in some amazing people I have known. Work hard/Play hard is a quality many claim to possess. But, to really work for the pleasures in life is not easy. Finding balance in this life is a skill I am constantly learning.

I’ve been working since I was a teenager. I am no newbie to the workplace. However, I still have to remind myself, occasionally, that I know how to tie a tie. Even after moving to NYC with only a suitcase and carry-on on a plane, I still have to remind myself. I have to remind myself that there is a creature in me that knows how to make money. A force that can balance out my whimsical, happy-go-lucky ways, with a side of me that is a solid M’f’er. A side of me that will be ok.

Too easy, it can be, at times, to get stuck in the past or have anxieties flying around like annoying gnats to enjoy the Present. To not recognize a side of oneself that is willing to roll up both sleeves and get hands dirty and dig in deep to find a sense of peace. The you inside you that will always hustle ’til you make it.

“Don’t be stuck between past and present energies.” That’s what I keep telling myself this week, after reading my horoscope a few days ago. Constantly reliving the past is not going to be a tool for this project I have going on and I have to stay focused on the Present. No matter where I am going, it literally cannot be to the Past.

Short-term goals are my focus right now. I have a trip to NYC coming up in exactly a month. There a many other short-term goals between then and now. The trick is making each moment count. I am here for the dirty work. Just don’t be surprised if one of these dirty hands is holding a dirty Martini at the end of the day.




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