Let It Pour


The rain started pouring last night. I was instantly drawn to the front porch, to see what there was to see. Ever since I was younger, I have loved seeing the rain and even, occasionally, dancing in the rain. So, I found my favorite porch swing and stared off into the distance.

Water cleanses and water makes up most of what is our planet. Water baptizes and water feeds our land. I thought about how nice it would feel to run through this wonderful element of water, without regard. The unchildlike side of me stayed on the swing.

As I hit six months of being back home, I have found myself seeing both such strides I have made and so many fears that have occupied my mind along the way. Sometimes, I get afraid of simply making a mistake. I know life is full of mistakes and mostly everything I learn can be traced back to the mistakes made beforehand. But there is something about making a mistake that I can never find exciting, still.

Like liquid, I hope the future will pour over all of my worries and make sense of everything. Some sense of purpose would be the rain to the desert I refer to — and I could definitely use something very torrential. I have to trust that that rain will come.

[Cue the Native American Rain Dance]

Until then, there is the actual rain. There is a pool in the back in which to swim. There is a dispenser of water from which to drink. There is all the actual water that I can think (of).

Let the rain pour down on me.



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