Trips and Shoes

Two purchases I made this week have left me feeling a little giddy. I thought I would share my experience with both. In no particular order, here are the details of each purchase:


Trip to NYC (mostly Brooklyn) in July 

I have been feeling nostalgic and just know it’s time to get back to my friends and Park Slope. The weather is so nice here in Georgia and I was texting Liz and TL the other day that I just wish we could collide these two worlds (GA and NY) and have one perfect world. I think that particular day would have involved a bike ride to Coney. I miss seeing the back of those two, riding ahead, on an adventure. There is nothing like a bike ride on a beautiful day with beautiful people. However, whether there is biking involved or not during this July trip, there will be so much that I miss right now to do. I would totally go all the way with a homeless person for an Everything Bagel All the Way right now. 



Who doesn’t love a new pair of shoes?! I have been eyeballing some Adidas Superstar shoes at the mall for about a month and I finally took the plunge yesterday. There is nothing like wearing a new pair of shoes for the first time — like walking on air! I have a couple of casual events the next two weekends and my Nike shoes were looking a little beat. What’s a boy to do? 

• I just thought I would share two purchases I made this week. I have been pretty frugal lately and it feels pretty good/familiar. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a credit card to go put back on ice. 




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