Can’t I have nice things?!

This post will serve as more of a vent. I just broke one of my favorite framed pictures. This is kind of a big deal.

The feeling that often emerges once something special is broken is not enjoyable and is an emotional roller coaster for me. What becomes imminent is to remind myself that the item can be replaced if that is true (*in this case, it is!) and to remind myself that it is best that I am the culprit here — no one else to hang!

The truth is, in terms of personal belongings, I am sorta all over the place right now. I am internally and externally living out of a suitcase and the overall feeling of it can really take its toll. Especially when there is the glass of a special frame to be shattered.

For now, I am going to choose to breathe and keep taking everything one day at a time. My mother has always said to “Build a bridge and get over it.” I am going to clean up this glass now and do just that. Hopefully, the grass is greener and the glass is cleaner on the other side.

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge – December 2015

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