The theme of what we like to do came up when chatting with a couple friends recently. I starting thinking of hobbies. Theatre, biking, singing, dancing, laughing, being with friends and family, etc. all came up.

Then I started thinking about what it is I am good at. One thing that always comes to mind is forgiveness. I have always been very quick to forgive others (not to be confused with the term forget). 

I have always felt inside that it is unhealthy and unbecoming to hold a grudge or keep a negative feeling about somebody inside, avoided. I am very fast to let the weight go and move on, but with an attained awareness.

I once wrote a little funny for a contest I saw listed in a magazine  (I never sent it in), involving writing a funny sentence about resentments or something similar. It read: “You know the one thing I just can’t get over about you: you always do hold a grudge!” I don’t actually have that issue, but the sentence just came to me.

Here is a little poem I wrote years ago. I had traveled to South Carolina and ended up staying much longer than planned.

Here, In My Car

Here I am
In a familiar place
When things have seemed unfamiliar
For too many days

In a house so stretched
Driving for miles,
Climbing mountains
To feel that again

Here I am
Starting over by going back
Back to a beginning
One can never go back

On my way
Holding your photograph,
Staring at a fingerprint
I have held you before

Here you are
Best to give, not only take
Taking only left me your picture
I am awake

There is no thing harder to give
But the saying does go,
“Live and let live”

There you were
Beside me, in my car
Still under my thumb
Here I am
In my car


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