Shout Out to my NYC Girls

As I near closer to the date that I must leave NYC, I have found it impossible not to be suddenly sentimental and unexpectedly thrown into moods, emotions, and feelings at times. I have worked my butt off to make it as long as I have and I take those who got me this far very seriously.

I would like to say Thank You to:

*My Liz: Words cannot describe how thankful I am to have you in my life and how hard it is for me to envision my life without you. Thank you for always understanding me, even when I am crazy. Thank you for being by my side and teaching my how to create and prioritize through the hard times in life. I will never take you for granted and consider you a soul mate. At times, it is beyond explanation.

*My TL: You are my Songstress. I heard your music once and wanted to be involved in any way I could. I never imagined I would actually be in your band. But I did join it. And I loved it. I also lived with you. And I loved it. I love you and I love your sense of humor and I want nothing but the best for you. Your happiness is contagious.

*My Vicky: I am so proud of your work in school and I always knew you would go far. You have always been a Fart Smeller… I mean a Smart Feller… and I am so glad that we are friends. You were always so generous to me and I am glad I found you. I think you found me, too.

*My Jodi: Michael made it so that we have taken care of each other in the ways that we have. I care so much about you and want nothing but the best for you. Your generosity in life always inspires me. Your wisdom always makes me so proud to know you and brings so much light to those who you love the most. Your heart is a priceless diamond and I am so glad that I have had a chance to see the sparkles and its size.

*My Jilly: You are family to me. I will miss our laughs and drinks (especially my Zachary Daiquiris) and all that is you. I love you so much and know that it is mutual. I cannot wait to come back and squeeze you until you punch me with one of those rings you wear. You are my favorite person to sit next to at the table.

*My Alyssa: 8 hour days. We have struggled through. 4am. Mornings when we have been drunk. Bitch I know you. You might be younger than me but you can cook a turkey. Even though you have a degree, I am proud of you for so much more. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have a daughter but I love yours. And yours has the coolest motherfucking mother in Brooklyn.

Alyssa’s art in yard at South Bar, Brooklyn



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