Finding Light

I have recently decided to make some changes in a certain area in my life. With intentions to fill my life with more positive energy, I have put into the universe that I will find what it is that I am seeking. My boots are on and I am ready to do the walking –I only hope that life will meet me in the middle.

My sage is burning and I am repeating my mantra, “Out with the bad and in with the good.” Here’s hoping.

And here is a little something I wrote:


Glitter. Entrance. Floor.

Glad you showed up tonight
Now is the time to dim the lights
Everything is lovely
Everything is amazing
Just as long as you stay what you are:
A mirrorball. A shining star.
Spin your globe around all night
You disco diva who I hope just might
Drop down low and give the floor
A tickle and make it beg for more
Dance on glitter, through that door
Breathe the music;
Shaking deep into your core


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