Wishing for One More Summer Day

I’ve been thinking a lot about the fact that summer is gone and I look down and see black boots instead of flip-flops on my sparkly, pedicured feet. Busy is an understatement of what my summer was; I only wish I could put my feet in the water one more time before the trees all turn non-green.

I wrote a little something in regards to this sentiment and I think I might just have to be in nature again and make up for lost time.

On the Beach

With suntans
And rainbows
And a unicorn-flowered beach

How could we
For even one second
Not hold it in our hands?

Your eyes said,
“Take a second, Love!
See all
there is to see.”

And then we sat
With suntans and rainbows
And a unicorn-flowered beach

Just there
For a moment
I swear I might’ve dreamed

That you and I —
Under a sparkle-filled sky —
Were side by side
On the beach

               Beach Feet          


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