A Matinee of Hot Mess the Play

Yesterday’s Off-Broadway matinee of Hot Mess the Play at the The Theater Center was a true delight. I was eager to see Paul Molnar perform, and made it a date with myself while I’m in NYC. The plot, design, and acting by three mesmerizing actors —Lucy Devito and Max Crumm commanded the audience’s attention alongside Molnar— left me laughing and thinking long after I left the theatre. A show not to be missed for anybody traveling to NYC during the holiday season. 

Zac Gilbert

Give In

July 2014 in Prospect Park

Give In 

When you’ve become the same old song and dance,
A different costume on a different stage,
Maybe you need to take a deep breath again,
Find a new you, and begin again.

Is it worse to stay on a sinking ship
Or to be a person who gave it all up too soon?
A difficult question,
When you have white teeth and red lips
That can light up any room.

Directors will tell you to ease up,
Sometimes, tension is your body’s way of saying,
“Hon, it’s time to let it go.”

Fa la la la
Boo doo bee doo
Time to hang up the ol’ hat

And get a new ’do.

“Never give up”
Is all that you hear each day
But, do give in to taking a bow,
When it is you you are winning —
At the end of the play.