Aisle 4

Aisle 4

Something very naughty is
happening amongst the sweets
Check out the shady lady, searching
for a special secret down Aisle 4

A container of chocolate chip cookies
is hidden, stealthily beneath the sheets
Paper plates, light bulbs, and everything
is only there, so nobody will see

The husband is a diabetic
But, she will always love her sugar!
She puts away the groceries and
locks herself behind a door
The pantry is her portal
to heaven on Isle 4




Fall Sweets

Earlier this week, I received an unexpected present from a sweet lady at the bank. I was making a deposit for work and the friendly face behind the counter lit up when I walked up. She reached under the counter and revealed a bag of M&M’S. Being a person who appreciates both gifts and sweets, my face also lit up when she handed it to me.

She and I had been discussing, days before, this limited-edition fall flavor and I had mentioned that I never heard of such a thing. But, I also asserted that I find great joy in trying things I’ve never tried before; I think she might have taken it as an oppurtunity to introduce a new flavor of a popular candy into my life. So very sweet!

Taste-wise, are they my new favorite thing to ever hit the shelves? Maybe not. The pecan pie taste is subtle and not everyone I shared them with was smitten. But, they are a fun reminder of today’s change of seasons and I am always a fan of autumn. I will also always be a fan of trying new things. When it comes to comfort zones, I think it’s a good practice to reach past our personal boundaries from time to time and to at least taste a bite of something new—even if it’s only seasonal. I think I’ll grab another handful of M&M’s now.