Aisle 10

Aisle 10

Down Aisle 10 she heads

Never had she any issue
being pulled toward the
heart’s worst enemy

She looks over to the right: 
The Imposter is on the cover!
Of course shining in front
of all the magazines

What an inspiration!
Such a lady to adore!
She really is a warrior!
No disaster could swallow her!

Until Truth revealed  
the cracks
it was all a show 

Our girl exhales 
and leaves The Face behind

Neither the first time—
Nor the last time—
she would face the loss
of her inspiration

Pushing her cart 
without a hero
she goes back

to Isle 10




Aisle 6

Aisle 6 

2 of chicken
3 of tuna
2 of turkey with gravy
3 of a seafood blend

He was collecting 10 cans
of cat food on Aisle 6
There was a coupon he’d clipped
for a good deal—if you buy 10
Carefully, he cradled the cans 
stacked in 2 rows of 5
In my opinion, he should have
grabbed a shopping cart

He tried to hurry
but was halted
by the magnetism 
of toys
She deserves the world
he thought
and then
what the cashier said
the last time he was in:

Sometimes the best things choose us
6 words he loved
and made so much sense
to him

He paid and then left
with his own reusable bag
Back to the castle 
where a queen lives
and rules Isle 6



Aisle 3

Aisle 3

Her arm is long and kissing
and she’s gliding down Aisle 3
Eyes widening—as if she’s meeting
a new friend in every piece

OMG! Did I really just see
a sleeve reach out and halt her?
Seriously, something strange
just happened—before my own eyes
to our beloved shopper

I see blushing
I see satisfaction 
I see spinning
I see blooming

Did a red jacket really choose a lady
in the shithole
where I work
on a Tuesday 
on Isle 3?