Nature’s Shower

Nature’s Shower

Drip. Drop.
I felt the rain
Fall down on me
Onto the earth
From my body
Feeling wild as can be
Dancing through mud
The wind slid over me

A perfectly timed force
Nature’s shower
I ran and I ran
Feeling a sense of power
A heavenly escape 
No longer captured
By walls of the day
Arms open, I followed

The dampness soaked
My clothing that evening
Through fabric, to skin
A wakening feeling
The leaving to the calling of trees
The sky called out,
Move along and you’ll see

Run, run, run 
Going about like a child
Spinning around
An orbit of a happy flower
With no one around 
To take the moment away
The time was just mine
I ran away and away



Wandering in the Night

Moonlight in Duluth

Running with the Moon

Tonight, I ran beneath the moon —
A perfect workout partner, I must say.
Walked some, not only ran,
Streetlights glowing down the lane.
Amazed how far I was going, I remembered
Feeling the way I felt tonight.
Something familiar began to happen:
I was still breathing. I was alright.
From somewhere off, probably a mile away,
The smell of fire brought me back.
I raised my head up to the sky;
Stars were shining strong against the black.
A sudden smile ran across my face and I thought,
“Maybe I could get used to nights like these.”
Fall weather, a little running, a happy time,
And a gentle breeze.