Heavy little bit

Heavy little bit

Spectacularly ordinary
Just floating around
on a summer day
Hot and cold in my pool
as I socialize with solitude
I look up to the sky
as the wind flows like silk
over goosebumps on my skin
Birds are chirping
and flying just like floating
There is silence
in all the sound
I close my eyes
and I see everything
in the darkness all around
I feel something
in all the nothing
The clouds smell so clean here
on the ground
A monumental sort of magic
must have made
the moment
I lived today
I try to leave some behind
and I take with me
just a heavy little bit


Could have been


Could have been

Just a minute of your time, please
Let’s have a seat
Need to tell you something
About what could have been

Wrestling in my mind
Over and over
Time and time again—
I have wondered 
What I could have done different;
And if, I could go back, 
I would be the person
Who did make happen
What I think should have been

Please let me finish,
No interruptions, if you don’t mind
I promise not to take
Much more of your time

The moment we are having
Is here and we will never
Be able to go back again

Now, look into my eyes

(I have no more words)
To make you see,
What I do believe,
Could have been…