Sign Seeker

Sign Seeker

By day and by night,
Flashlight in his hand,
The man who seeks signs
Looks for a reason for life

In faces, places, things, words,
Both said and unsaid—
A hope to be risen—
In both his heart and his head

Off, in the distance,
On some track, a whistle blows
Possibly showing, knowing
Where and if he should go…

Relying on patience
To shine a map through
Walls concrete,
The track to follow

He wonders some days
If the searching is in vain
Head dropping to his feet
Oh, so very mundane 
The blank stare of a passerby

Mind marching and watching,
Still, he goes along
The sign seeker’s heart
Can be found beating
On this very night
Continuing a search,
Gripping his flashlight


Fog Arrives

Morning Fog 01/04/17 – Valdosta, GA

When the fog arrives
On the way to a goal,
Find faith and remember
To give it a go:
Look toward your light,
The reminder you know.
A peace will come;
The feeling will grow.
For, when the fog clears
And the burden subsides,
Strength will be revealed
Where lightness resides.