Tiny Pumpkin Time

Autumn was often on my mind the past summer. I wasn’t really feeling the hot, sunny season as much as usual and was really looking forward to the leaves changing and the weather getting cooler. Every year, around this time, I buy a tiny pumpkin. Tiny it may be, but I find the little fruit to be oh-so cute. There are many novelties of each season to enjoy—I am all about the season we are in right now.




Hello, October

Autumn is here! I am really hoping for positive changes in life to accompany the changing colors of the leaves. October begins tomorrow and there are 3 months left for 2018 to prove to be a kind year. I will try to make the most of it and roll with the punches when necessary. Cheers!



Nature’s Shower

Nature’s Shower

Drip. Drop.
I felt the rain
Fall down on me
Onto the earth
From my body
Feeling wild as can be
Dancing through mud
The wind slid over me

A perfectly timed force
Nature’s shower
I ran and I ran
Feeling a sense of power
A heavenly escape 
No longer captured
By walls of the day
Arms open, I followed

The dampness soaked
My clothing that evening
Through fabric, to skin
A wakening feeling
The leaving to the calling of trees
The sky called out,
Move along and you’ll see

Run, run, run 
Going about like a child
Spinning around
An orbit of a happy flower
With no one around 
To take the moment away
The time was just mine
I ran away and away


Veil of Leaves

Veil of Leaves

Behind the veil 
Of leaves
The sunlight is peeking
Away from the hustle 
And bustle,
The day that awaits:
A swaying of branches
Rattling and shaking
The leaves
Not ready to leave,
I take another look
At bits of white clouds
And the blue sky
Up, behind— 
On the other side—
Of a veil I need


Could have been


Could have been

Just a minute of your time, please
Let’s have a seat
Need to tell you something
About what could have been

Wrestling in my mind
Over and over
Time and time again—
I have wondered 
What I could have done different;
And if, I could go back, 
I would be the person
Who did make happen
What I think should have been

Please let me finish,
No interruptions, if you don’t mind
I promise not to take
Much more of your time

The moment we are having
Is here and we will never
Be able to go back again

Now, look into my eyes

(I have no more words)
To make you see,
What I do believe,
Could have been…


A Gust of Wind

A Gust of Wind

A gust of wind
Brings me right back in
Inward, once again

With a deep breath
In the nose
Out the mouth,
I can handle the outside
With fortitude

Falling leaves—
They remind me:
The past cannot be
The future is not here

The only way
I can truly be
Is to keep breathing,
Let rise and fall keep happening
Inside of me


Wanders in Nature

With the assistance of my talented graphic designer in NYC (Liz Daggar), my second book of poetry and photography has been released. I have attached two reviews of Wanders in Nature (WiN) below and a link to purchase a copy. My hope is to inspire readers to step outside and notice the beauty that is out there, waiting to be found.


By Cathy Norwood
Oct 28, 2017

This book is like the perfect cup of coffee, striking, comforting, and reminiscent of things I have felt, smelled, tasted before. The photos speak volumes on their own, some stunning and some haunting, but paired with poems that invite us right into Zac Gilbert’s heart and soul, the combination is intoxicating. He seems to capture beauty in details I might look right over and completely miss. To me, his photos are a quiet reminder to slow down and look around. I sat down to read/look at a few pages and I found myself soaking up each page to the end. These will be my coffee table books for the foreseeable future!

By Brianna Ross
Oct 29, 2017

These books are so inspiring! The pictures make you want to go outside and look at the world around you. The poems are perfectly paired with the creative pictures! Zac really knows how to turn something you normally wouldn’t notice into something amazing. I highly recommend these books if you are looking for a work of art! Each time I look at them I notice something new.