Is spring the time to change?

Wednesday, March 20th is the first day of spring. I am so ready for warmer weather, to not having to wear multiple layers of clothing, and for all the pretty flowers to appear. My birthday is in April so, admittedly, I have always loved spring in a sort of selfish way. But, like so many other folks, I take pleasure in waving goodbye to winter. 

Earlier this week, I was thinking about change and when it turns out to be anticipated and welcome versus shocking and unexpected. I have learned many times over the years that I do not always handle change well. I started to remember certain experiences in my life when change actually turned out to be welcome and unexpected. An experience I had at lunchtime came to mind. 

I was speaking to a woman I have known for quite some time. She had never been the slightest bit interesting to me and, honestly, I had found her to be a bit cold. The two of us began speaking casually about some nonsense. But, before I knew it, we found ourselves belly-laughing about a predicament she always finds herself in—like we hot messes tend to do! We must have chatted for 30 minutes. She might not know it, but her story should be part of some comedy routine; I found myself laughing about her flawless delivery all day. Anyway, we now have inside jokes and found out we both possess hopeless afflictions in life. We will chuckle when we run into each other. 

A lesson I have learned many times is that I am not the best at first impressions. I can be so sure about somebody or something only to realize I am totally wrong. After trying to determine which type of change being wrong is to me, I was certain it is welcome and unexpected. 

Spring is coming. We know this to be true. Many of us are anxiously waiting to greet the new season with open arms. I am going to try to be optimistic about all of what I can’t foresee. Who knows? Maybe a bouquet of surprises has bloomed and is waiting around the corner. Springtime might be the right time to allow changes to be flowers.



Unpack the Joy

Unpack the Joy

Oh, boy, I just noticed
You forgot to pack joy
Beating heart
Left behind
For the trip of a life
Many complications
Underneath constellations
Never expecting
A message
Shot from a star
Oh, boy, turn around
Go grab your joy
The car will be ready
To drive you away
Massive surprise!
Join the party
Open your eyes
Look around and discover
Budding surroundings
Oh, boy, it is Time
To unpack the joy


Wanders in Nature

With the assistance of my talented graphic designer in NYC (Liz Daggar), my second book of poetry and photography has been released. I have attached two reviews of Wanders in Nature (WiN) below and a link to purchase a copy. My hope is to inspire readers to step outside and notice the beauty that is out there, waiting to be found.

By Cathy Norwood
Oct 28, 2017

This book is like the perfect cup of coffee, striking, comforting, and reminiscent of things I have felt, smelled, tasted before. The photos speak volumes on their own, some stunning and some haunting, but paired with poems that invite us right into Zac Gilbert’s heart and soul, the combination is intoxicating. He seems to capture beauty in details I might look right over and completely miss. To me, his photos are a quiet reminder to slow down and look around. I sat down to read/look at a few pages and I found myself soaking up each page to the end. These will be my coffee table books for the foreseeable future!

By Brianna Ross
Oct 29, 2017

These books are so inspiring! The pictures make you want to go outside and look at the world around you. The poems are perfectly paired with the creative pictures! Zac really knows how to turn something you normally wouldn’t notice into something amazing. I highly recommend these books if you are looking for a work of art! Each time I look at them I notice something new.



Weeds are Pretty


Weeds are Pretty

Weeds are pretty,
Just like any flowers
Maybe a little more wild and free,
Living where they please

The rain falls down,
Dirt settles on the ground
Not at all lacking, they’re solid,
Colorful, intact, and pure

Bees, birds, and insects
Need what they gladly share
So much to be discovered—
The splendor that is theirs

So, go right ahead, pretties
Never change, please stay this way
The whole world is your garden
Such a stunning display


Colorful Rides

The weather in Georgia has been pretty fantastic and I have been trying to go on as many bike rides as possible. I have noticed some pretty sights when looking up and down along these rides and can’t help but appreciate the beautiful colors of spring. Being outside has been so nice. The photos above were taken on the side of the road, when looking down, this past week. Looking forward to my next ride.  


Pink is the New Orange

New Shoes

My favorite color has been orange for quite some time. Recently, I have been very inspired by shades of pink and have decided my favorite color might have changed. I decided to post a few photos I have snapped of the beautiful color.


Fleurs pour mon ami

Crape Myrtle
Morning Dew on the Wandering Jew

I went around the yard today and took pictures of flowers for my sweet Alyssa. Today is her birthday. She is one of my friends who helped inspire me to start my blog, so I could not let the day pass without finding her some pretty things.

Love you,