Wanders in Nature

With the assistance of my talented graphic designer in NYC (Liz Daggar), my second book of poetry and photography has been released. I have attached two reviews of Wanders in Nature (WiN) below and a link to purchase a copy. My hope is to inspire readers to step outside and notice the beauty that is out there, waiting to be found.


By Cathy Norwood
Oct 28, 2017

This book is like the perfect cup of coffee, striking, comforting, and reminiscent of things I have felt, smelled, tasted before. The photos speak volumes on their own, some stunning and some haunting, but paired with poems that invite us right into Zac Gilbert’s heart and soul, the combination is intoxicating. He seems to capture beauty in details I might look right over and completely miss. To me, his photos are a quiet reminder to slow down and look around. I sat down to read/look at a few pages and I found myself soaking up each page to the end. These will be my coffee table books for the foreseeable future!

By Brianna Ross
Oct 29, 2017

These books are so inspiring! The pictures make you want to go outside and look at the world around you. The poems are perfectly paired with the creative pictures! Zac really knows how to turn something you normally wouldn’t notice into something amazing. I highly recommend these books if you are looking for a work of art! Each time I look at them I notice something new.