Aisle 10

Aisle 10

Down Aisle 10 she heads

Never had she any issue
being pulled toward the
heart’s worst enemy

She looks over to the right: 
The Imposter is on the cover!
Of course shining in front
of all the magazines

What an inspiration!
Such a lady to adore!
She really is a warrior!
No disaster could swallow her!

Until Truth revealed  
the cracks
it was all a show 

Our girl exhales 
and leaves The Face behind

Neither the first time—
Nor the last time—
she would face the loss
of her inspiration

Pushing her cart 
without a hero
she goes back

to Isle 10



A Friend Creates

An hour ago, I finished reading my friend’s first novel. The time I took to finish was, admittedly, way too long. But, I was determined to read only when I could give my full attention. Falling into the creative work of a friend is something incredibly delicate and special. 

The characters, storytelling, and page-turning quality were present the entire time; I would have found the statement to be true even if I did not know the author. I finished completely pleased with the way everything turned out. However, I really wanted to know what was to come. I imagine my reaction is a goal of any novelist. I immediately contacted my friend and shared my thoughts and feelings. 

I started thinking about how proud I am when a person I know creates something beautiful. These days (and really every day), supporting the people around us who are creating and expressing themselves is beyond necessary. Whether or not thousands of people ever get to read my brother’s essay, see my neighbor’s drawing, or hear my Grandma’s song she learned to play on the keyboard last week is far less important than the support we give each other—at the end of the day.

Perhaps I am being sentimental. But, I will always appreciate the time and energy an artist I know has put into a project. Love is probably the best word.