Hey for today

Hey for today

One day he ran
He ran very far away
Wondering if his family
Needed his stay

He should have been.

Soon, he looked back:
He heard a song
He was sitting on a stool
Holding a drink
He was singing along

He wondered why?!
He could not be there

I still see the back of you
Guiding and leading the pack
We biked miles to the beach 
We could say anything!
Any old thing—is the thing
To each other—to anybody

Anything but: Goodbye

Hopefully, we are all okay
Yesterday was quite the memory
Wishing so hard we could go back
Oh, but the pictures we have

The cement treadmill underneath us
Moments, never forgotten
Why did they turn dark and grey?

Why do the colors of life go away?

The only thing that matters for now
Is that we still say
Hey for today



Colorful Rides

The weather in Georgia has been pretty fantastic and I have been trying to go on as many bike rides as possible. I have noticed some pretty sights when looking up and down along these rides and can’t help but appreciate the beautiful colors of spring. Being outside has been so nice. The photos above were taken on the side of the road, when looking down, this past week. Looking forward to my next ride.  


10 Miles on the Bike

This afternoon, I went on bike ride. The weather was sunny and gorgeous and perfect for enjoying being outdoors. I took a few photos along the way, but not many as I had my MapMyRun app tracking my progress. But, I will always stop for trees.

I ended up doing 10 miles and there was a special treat at the end of the journey:
Delightful neighbors had a box of homegrown grapefruits by their mailbox and I grabbed one. It was a delicious and mostly seedless reward for some exercise I was happy to complete. 


Following the Sun

A Gowanus Sunset

Sometimes, when I ride my bike, run a vacuum cleaner, ride a lawnmower, or something similar, I will get a tune in my head. I had one pop into my head the other day. So, I came home and wrote it down. It’s not a finished product, but I do love singing on my bike. Just one of the many things I love about riding. Here was the latest:

Following the Sun

I’m following the sun
Feet upon the pedals
You know I’ve got to run
As far as I am able

And if I should fall
Wheels, still turning
Gravel in my knees
I’ll stand up
I’ll take a look around
Then jump back on
And keep following
Right along

When did I decide
To let nightfall come easy?
Darkness sleeps behind me
Now, a gust of wind brings
All the light
In front of me

I’m following the sun
Feet upon the pedals
You know I’ve got to run
As far as I am able

*Dedicated to TL and Liz, my 2 favorite bikers.